Vendor Registration


• Supply your updated vendor contact information (company name, remittance address, phone, fax, email, contact, vendor type, etc.)
• Agree to the terms of AMC, LLC Vendor Agreement.
• Provide the name and address for each of your company's principals for background screening (OFAC Terrorist Watchlist Screening).
• Provide your professional license information (required for some vendor types).
• Identify which of AMC, LLC's properties you will service and/or place product.
• Provide your insurance producer (agent) information (company, policy number, agent phone/fax/email). Our Customer Service Representatives will obtain your insurance certificate directly. Certificate must show current General Liability, Auto, Workers Comp, appropriate Additional Insured wording, Endorsements and Waivers of Subrogation.
• Fill out electronic W-9 form.
• Pay your annual registration fee of $104.95 via credit card online. (Vendors requiring License validation pay $109.95 and Exempt vendors that do not visit the property pay $60.00.)


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